gapo2The charm of Killarney is undeniable. Here, you’ll find yourself in the Irish countryside. The small town of Killarney is littered with small pubs, treat shoppes and picturesque with flags from every nation hanging above the streets. I was situated in Dunloe, a quick 20 minute bike ride from Killarney. I made arrangements to make my way through the Gap of Dunloe, a narrow passageway through mountains. On my second day, a bus picked me up — on the side of the road. Not a bus stop, no formal markings. A kind Irish man simply called the bus driver and told him I would be waiting on the side of the road, so I settled myself on top of the fence and waited (Avoid these silly happenings and let us book your tour in advanced). The 11km of the way through the Gap of Dunloe wound through Killarney National Park, passed small lakes, crumbling stone houses, and friendly sheep — lots of sheep. There are several ways to make this trek, by horse drawn carriage, by bike or on foot. I opted for on foot because I’m a lingerer. Also so I could climb and wander and try to pet sheep.

The end of the hike wraps up with a ferry ride across Lough Leane led by an elderly Irishman speaking about the history of the area. I can say with confidence, I did not catch a word of what he said. Between the wind gusts, motor of the ferry and his exceptionally thick accent, his words were lost on me, but full of character none the less.

The Gap of Dunloe is definitely a must and will give you a glimpse of the Irish countryside as well as the history and people. Save yourself some waiting on the side of the road for a bus and book your Ireland vacation with us!