I was born with gypsy in my soul so it only seemed natural that I would become a travel agent. I enjoy helping people plan their vacations as much as I love to travel and I delight in the excitement of my clients as I work to make their trip come together. As a fellow traveler I know that the experiences we have when we travel leaves untouchable memories.
I owned my own travel agency, Sierra Travel Inc. in Roseville for almost twenty years and have been a travel agent for over 40 years. With extensive knowledge of many destinations, a question I often receive from clients is what my favorite destination is – a tough question! However, I have found travel to be cunning in that way — wherever I am at the time is utterly perfect and different, there is no best place ever. I love every place I have ever been and always look forward to returning.
From experience, a cruise is one of the best ways to travel. Just think, one time unpacking as well as included meals and accommodation! Cruising can be a truly stress-free vacation. Cruises are unique in another way — you can be as busy as you want or simply relax if you wish. Whether it is Mexico, Hawaii, Europe, Asia, South Pacific, Australia or South America, I would love to assist you in finding the cruise ship or river barge for your perfect vacation.

Email: micki@rosevilletravel.com

Phone: 916.757.6638

Expertise includes: Ocean & River Cruises, Australia, New Zealand, Europe