scotland1As far as favorites go, Edinburgh Scotland is up there, way up there. Moody, full of medieval and victorian architecture and thick Scottish accents, this city has a feel that is unparalleled. The stark contrast of the Old Town and that of the modern and elegant Georgian New Town is like experiencing two completely different cities in one. Walk the famous Royal Mile that separates Edinburgh Castle from The Palace of Holyrood House. Full of shops, restaurants, pubs and many more attractions, this street is a bustling stretch through Old Town. A unique quality of Edinburgh is that the wild landscapes of Scotland can be reached with just a short walk out of the city.

Bring your rain jacket and make the hike up Arthur’s Seat — an extinct volcano that overlooks city and the North Sea. Situate yourself up there amongst the vibrant landscape and watch the clouds pass right before your eyes. Catch the bustling city from the top of this mountain and experience the city in a unique way!